This is a Reseller Webshop. This Webshop exists since 2014.
All Products from the Tetra Radio Terminals and Accessory Catalogue of Vendor Cassidian (an Airbus Company) can be ordered.
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Basic Understandings

About Tetra for Industry and Authorities:

  • TEA2 Interested People: You are allowed to buy TETRA Accessories. You are allowed to buy Authorities TETRA TEA2  Radio Terminals if you belong to TEA2 Network as a Radio Terminal User with own ITSI Number. TEA2 Radio Terminals are sold to European Countries only.
  • TEA1 Interested People: You are allowed to buy and use TETRA Radio Terminals and Accessories.
Contact Details:


+49 6032 9283494 (Landline)
+49 151 64550550 (Mobile/Whatsapp)
Calls with surpressed Number are blocked