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Inside this Webshop you can buy Radio Terminals, Base Stations and other Radio Terminal related Services. The Focus is on EADS / Cassidian Equipment.  You can buy Services as like Configuration, Firmware Upgrades

You will find Products for the Access- and Core TETRA Network but almost all products are from the Cassidian Accessory Catalogue. Other Vendors as like Seputra, Motorola, Hytera can be requested by E-Mail. 


Payment Conditions:

Delivery Time at Airbus is 4-8 weeks because Cassidian/EADS produce per Order and they very low Stock.

Radio Terminals went fast but 80 % of the Orders take at least 4-8 weeks, Bigger Amounts 8-12 weeks.


You can find a Minimum Spare Part Stock on where you can buy Config and Data Cables, Configuration Services and some Audio Headsets for the Cassidian Radio Terminals.

Or try our Tetra Applications for Cassidian Radio terminals.  Buy a Data Cable and see get the added value of AT Commands . That is what we do with our Applications. We combine the AT Commands and produce Features for our SDS Message Applications. More details on

Interested. Ask for a Data Cable or Test Equipment. We lease DMO Equipment as well so try our LAN-SDS Software with your next Event and Manage the Ressources with out Status Colour Feature showing the latest Status together with its gps coordinate and colour. The Colour can be defined by yourself.



CA-147 Programming Cable

Product no.: CA-147 Programming Cable

CA-121 Programming Cable

Product no.: CA-121 - THR880i/ THR9i

CA-122 Programming Cable USB ( Follow Up of DAU-9H)

Product no.: CA-122 TMR880i

Programming Cable USB ( Follow Up of DAU-9H) buy now on


Product no.: DLR-3P (RS232) NOKIA

DLR-3P (RS232) NOKIA buy now press here

order and pay now. Visit

DLR-3T Data Cable

Product no.: DLR-3T Data Cable

order and pay now. Visit

DLR-3P Data Cable USB - 3rd Party

Product no.: DLR-3P Data Cable USB - 3rd Party

order and pay now. Visit

DLR-8U Data Cable

Product no.: DLR-8U Data Cable

order and pay now. Visit

DLR-9U Data Cable

Product no.: DLR-9U Data Cable
Lieferdauer bei Airbus 4-8 Wochen