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Inside this Webshop you can buy Radio Terminals, Base Stations and other Radio Terminal related Services. The Focus is on EADS / Cassidian Equipment.  You can use the following Services as like Configuration, Firmware Upgrades or Coding of Desktop Applications  for EADS / Cassidian Radio Terminals.


As there is lot Experience with Radio Terminals and BAse Stations of Airbus you will find here Products for the Access- and Core TETRA Network. Regarding Products of other Vendors as like Seputra, Motorola, Hytera. These can be requested by E-Mail. 


Payment Conditions:

Delivery Time of 4-8 weeks Why ? Cassidian/EADS produce per Order and has very low Stock. From all Orders in the past 5 Years.

10 Percent as like Radio Terminals went fast, 80 % of the Orders take 4-8 weeks, Bigger Amounts 8-12 weeks.

The Company is a GmbH so your Orders are safe up to 25 TEU and as me and my< Employees want to continue that Business your Orders will be safe anyway.


You can find a Minimum Spare Part Stock on where you can buy Config and Data Cables, Configuration Services and some Audio Headsets for the Cassidian Radio Terminals.

Or try our Applications Buy a Data Cable and see the AT Command Flow. That is what we do with our Applications. We combine the AT Commands and produce Features for our SDS Message Applications