This Webshop offers Tetra Radio Terminals and Accessory of Vendor Cassidian an Airbus Company.
All Products can be searched by the Search Window. The Vendor Home Page is https://www.securelandcommunications.com/
Airbus/ Cassidian Delivery Times is in general 4-8 weeks. Same Delivery Time since Years. No one is faster because Cassidian / Airbus produce per Order. Airbus / Cassidian as well as the Distributors dont buy in advance 
This is Process for Standard Order: Best Price best Service for TETRA Radio Terminals, Accessory and AT Command Applications
-> Send Model Number and Amount and Country. For  Model Number please visit the Product Pages and write down f.ex. HFS-10 = Loudspeaker TMR880i Device, CA-147 = Configuration Cable for TH1n Device. Next Step is you register inside Webshop and a Quote /Invoice is generated and sent to you. Next Step is Payment by Bank Transfer or Paypal. Next 10 Business Days you get official confirmed Delivery Date announced by Airbus. In most Cases it takes 4 weeks and for big Orders the maximum Delivery Time according Terms and Conditions of Airbus with its Distributor is 12 weeks. So if you a Cassidian Customer you have to wait some days until the high Tech Items arrive. You can cancel Order 24 Hours and get money back if you cannot wait 4-8 weeks until you get your Parts. This is cassidian I cannot enhance the Process. Some Parts are on my own Stock these can be bought with minimum additional Storage fee and can be sent next day by Express.


Use TETRA IN DMO - Use the High Tech TETRA WALKY Talkies of Cassidian in Direct Mode TETRA is not a secret. Use it as Industry / Amateur in DMO on free HAM Frequency.

Use TETRA in DMO  on free HAM Frequency 430.075 MHz for secure Communication according to the DARC Band Plan in Germany. Check your Countries Band Plan and use the feature rich EADS /Cassidian / Airbus Tetra Radio Terminals for private or work 

- Questions related to RT Parameters / Configuration of THR880i, THR9, THR9i, TMR880i, TGR990. TH1n, P8GR in DMO and TMO ?
- a need for Firmware Updates of these Radio Terminals ?
- Questions related to AT Commands / Log Files Examination ? AT OK ?
- Questions related to Technical Functionalities of these RTs ? Contact Service :-)
- Questions related to my Data AT Command Applications for Desktop PC, Android or Standard Web Browser visit apps4tetra.com
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