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Auf dieser Webseite können Sie Zubehör und Tetra Funkgeräte des Hersteller Cassidian an Airbus Company bestellen.

Die Webseite des Herstellers:

Dieses Produktangebot finden Sie hier im Webshop. Cassidian produziert nach Auftragseingang mit einer Lieferzeit von 8 Wochen. Aufgrund der Lieferzeiten sind Teile wie Konfigurationskabel, Datenkabel, Audiozubehör auf eigenem Lager verfügbar.




This Webshop offers Tetra Radio Terminals and Accessory of Vendor Cassidian an Airbus Company.

All Products can be searched by the Search Window. The Vendor Home Page is

Cassidian/ Airbus produce per Order and has minimum Stock Level. Vendors Delivery Time is 8 weeks after Order Confirmation

All Parts on this Website need to be ordered.  Some few Parts as like Configuration and Data Cable / Audio Headsets and Cassidian Tetra Radio Terminals is available on own Stock.  These Products can be sent by Express.


TETRA in DMO on free HAM Frequency 430.075 MHz can be used for /Secure) Communication according to the DARC Band Plan in Germany. So buy a EADS Radio Terminal and use the advantage of these High Tech Walky Talkies
Check your Countries Band Plan and get started and use the Feature rich EADS Radio Terminals for private or work 
- Individual Calls to ISSI in DMO (Half Duplex)
- Group Call in DMO ( GSSI =1)
- Text Messages to ISSI or  Group (GSSI)
- Status Messages to ISSI or Group (GSSI)
- Receive Pictures over the Air in DMO
- Use LAN-SDS in DMO and track your Teams EADS Radio Terminals
- Receive Twitter Messages from your Twitter Account per Text Message in DMO ( all vendors Radio Terminals supported)
- Send Unit Alert: Louder becoming Alarming
- Use Java MIDP Applications on the Radio Terminal




- Questions related to Parameters / Configuration of THR880i, THR9, THR9i, TMR880i, TGR990. TH1n, P8GR in DMO and TMO
- for Firmware Updates of these Radio Terminals
- for Questions related to AT Commands / Log Files Examination
- for Questions related to Technical Functionalities of these RTs
- for Questions related to my Data AT Command Applications for Desktop PC, Android or Standard Web Browser
- for xDSL, Ethernet and VPN Service Provider Fixed Line Connections
Owner: Andreas Prauschke *** Dipl. W.- Ing. (FH) Telecommunication *** ***
Mobile/ Whatsapp: +49 151 64550550
Skype: tetraterminal