LAN-SDS Full Version

Artikel-Nr.: LAN-SDS Full Version

Radio Terminals: 2 weeks and Accessories <= 4-8 weeks


Enhanced Messaging: Mini Control Station with SQL-SDS, GPS Tracking .. and more


Supported Radio Terminals:

  • THR880i, THR9, TH1n, P8GR

Supported Modes:

  • DMO and TMO

Supported Technologies:

  • Clear, TEA1, TEA2


  • 1x Data Cable
  • 1x SQL Database
  • JAVA

License is valid for 1 Year, 3x Installations Keys included !

Inclusive 1 Year E-Mail Support,  Inclusive 1x 30 Min Remote Installation Support

More Details on, Need more Features buy the LAN-SDS Full Version



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