Difference between TEA1 / TEA2 / TEA3

Tetra is mainly made for Voice Communication and has lot of Infrastructure Extras that can be used or not used as like Second MCCH for more SDS Messages, Packet Data for IP Data Transmisson , SDS Centers to store and forward Messages that couldnt arrive the ISSI. The TETRA Technology has lot of Security Mechanism for the Infrastructure Trunked Mode (TMO) as like Air Interface Encryption, E2EE and Authentication. In general the Cassidian TETRA Hardware running inside the Core, Access  and  Cassidian Radio Terminals, compared to the Industry Standard TEA1 beneath its Frequency Range and Encryption is the same. For TEA2 BOS Authorities Cassidian has hardcoded the TEA2 Algorithms inside the Hardware / Boards of Radio Terminals, Base Stations TB3 or DXT´s. That is why it is not possible to change TEA Version by Firmware Update. This is a difference to Motorola where the TEA Algorithm can be changed by Software Update.

In general every Frequency, Frequency  Band, Tetra Cell, Tetra Network

  • TEA 2: 380-400 MHz ( Europe), 380-410 MHz ( Germany)
  • TEA1: 410-430 MHz Europe, TUI Transport, Utility, Industry

runs its own secure Communication. In DMO there is Communication without Infrastructure means direct communication over the Air without Base Stations and TETRA Core Elements

Regarding Use of TETRA in DMO:

Check your Country Amateur / HAM Band Plan:

  • https://www.darc.de/fileadmin/_migrated/content_uploads/UHF_Bandplan_70_cm_Juli_2015.pdf and use TETRA at End of 430 Mhz Band as f.ex. 430.075
  • BNetzA - lizenzpflichtiges TETRA TEA1 Band 410-430 MHz. Ende des Bandes bei 430.000 MhZ ( siehe Kapitel 2.1.)
  • https://www.bundesnetzagentur.de/DE/Sachgebiete/Telekommunikation/Unternehmen_Institutionen/Frequenzen/Firmennetze/Betriebsfunk_Buendelfunk/betriebsfunkbuendelfunk-node.html 
  • https://www.funkamateur.de/tl_files/downloads/hefte/2008/FM-Kanaele.pdf
  • https://dk5ras.dyndns.org/www/ham-tetra/tetra-und-notfunk/
  • https://www.etsi.org/deliver/etsi_en/300300_300399/30039207/02.01.01_30/en_30039207v020101v.pdf
  • https://www.keytouch.online/stories/5-things-you-need-to-know-about-tetra
  • https://dl.kreisfeuerwehrverband.net/send/39-digitalfunk-infos-allgemein/1219-1219.html -> THW Gifhorn Teil 1-6

Regarding buying older EADS/ Cassidian TETRA Walky Talkies

These older Radio Terminals operate only inside narrow Frequency Band of 380-400 MHZ or 410 -430 MHz as like discontinued THR880i RC-2 or discontinued THR880i RC-4 (410-430 MHz) . Newer THR880i Series ( TEA1 and TEA2 THR880i Radio Terminals)  have wideband Frquency Band 380-430 MHz (RC-10). Check the Label inside the Battery Case or check by yourself with *#0000#  For the Amateurs you need a TEA1 Cassidian Radio Terminals wideband or use RC-4 Type 410-430 MHz. Cassidian has discontinued Firmware Development for these old narrow Band Modells. Last Supported Firmware for the narrow Band  is Version 6.69

Questions that are not answered are:

  • - How to listen to Tetra for Authorities ? Become a Police Men or Member of the Help Organisation. Use Tetra for your work. Use the assigned Groups.  For TUI the TUI Tetra Network Operator is doing Group and User Mngt., Authentication and handovers you all values as like MNC, MCC, ISSI, GSSI ...
  • - How to configure static TMO Groups ? 
  • - Pin Layout for Data, Config Cables or Connectors  ..

This Questions please ask the Vendor Cassidian or the Authorities / Police. Its not forbidden to ask about how it works. But there is difference if you are Member of Tetra Network and Member of a (DMO or TMO) Group or not and if you have right or no rights to use / listen to this groups .. so dont ask me.  You can ask for Confirguration Support but i will never support you configure Frequencies or Groups that you are not allowed to use as like Frequency Range of 380-400 MHz. Use Tetra without Problem on free HAM Frequency in DMO on 430.000 - 430.075 MHz. Or if you are Member of a Tetra Network or if you have your own Tetra Cell.  Then you are welcome to ask and I will return some useful Feedback.

Tetra is not a secret, Authorities make it to a secret. Of course theirs Voice and Data Communication(s) is and must be secret. BOS TEA2 TETRA Operators use their assigned Frequecies inside 380-410 MHz Band. This TETRA is working the same from the Technology Point of View inside TMO TEA1 Industry Band of 410-430 MHz except these additional BOS Security Mechanisms. You as a private  or Amateur Tetra TEA1 User - you can use TETRA in DMO on 430.000 - 430.075 MHz in Germany. Check the Band Plan for your Country.

Two Secrets from my side for the Amateurs which have a THR880i or THR9(i) TEA1 Radio Terminal and  for those which have less Money . You can use DAU-9P Cable for Configuration with TPT instead of CA-121 Cable. This Cable is hard to attach but it works if you do some Finetuning. You will find cheap Cables in the Internet Ebay Auctions. Same with Data Cable. You can use old Nokia DLR-3P Cable instead of expensive Original Cable which you can on these Internet Online Platforms as like Ebay, too. Functionality is the same. Come back if you need to order TPT or ITSI Tool for configure your EADS Radio Terminal to be used  in  DMO. Check that you buy RC-4 or RC-10 for THR880i- Same with THR9.

THR9 RC-20 is discontinued follow up THR9i RC-30 and this THR9i will soon be replaced by TH9.

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