For Sales:

- Please register first. Afterwards please send Modell Number and Amount inside your E-Mail. Without these Informations it is not possible to create a Quote or Customer Account or calculate  Transport Costs. Thank you.

- Product Conditions: All Items are new from Cassidian / Airbus ordered from Distributor. Country of Origin is Finland . Of course you can send f.ex. Data or Config Cable to your Customer overseas. You can check the Product Certificates at Cassidian Website by yourself. Visit https://cinfodin-airbusds.com

Cassidian has detailled Data Specification Paper for Tetra Radio Terminals only. For Accessories there is no more Information. For detailled Information visit each Item and check the Informations. Airbus / Cassidian Products are high Tech quality Products in upper Price Segment with ongoing Firmeware and Feature Development for the Radio  Terminals.

- Delivery: Items cannot be sent from Airbus directly to you. There is contract Airbus - Airbus Distributor, Airbus Distributor - Reseller, Reseller - Customer. That is why it is not possible to enhance Delivery Time. Process after Payment. Official Order Confirmation from Airbus comes within 2 weeks. Delivery Time at Airbus -> in general less then 8 weeks

- Please don´t send Requests for National or International Tenders. Tenders are lot of unpayed work without Output.

- Please dont ask me for ISO Certificates for my Company. My Webshop does not need this ISO Certificates. I am studied Industrial Engineer and understand and follow Processes and Standards as like ISO 9001 or Quality Standards. You just order and buy. No long Phone Calls by Phone please, 5 Min. maximum during 4-6 PM Berlin Time  is fine because this is not my main Business it is Second Business.  E-Mails are answered detailled of course.

- 12 Month Warranty on all the Products offered from the Cassidian Radio Terminal Catalogue. This Website offers all Items inside this Catalogue. Not more not less. Find your Cassidian Part and order and you receive technical Support for free. Welcome.

- Tetra Technology is complex Technology. Non familiar TETRA Customers may think Tetra Products are like Supermarket Products. No. I know about the Complexity and for me it is no secret but things are sometimes not as easy as you think.  So better ask before payment before you  order wrong Product as like order discontinued Products, or follow Up Product has other Modell Name etc.

- Delivery with DHL Express or FEDEX
- Please read and agree to Basic Understandings at Frontpage. Thank you.