For Sales:

- Please send Modell Number and Amount and your full Contact Details inside your E-Mail. Without these Informations it is not possible to create a Quote with Transport Costs.

- Product Conditions: All Items are new from Cassidian / Airbus. Country of Origin is Finland . Of course you can send f.ex. Data or Config Cable to your Customer overseas. You can check Certificates at Cassidian Website by yourself. https://cinfodin-airbusds.com

Cassidian has detailled Data Specification Paper for Tetra Radio Terminals only. For Accessories there is no more Information. For detailled Information visit each Item and check the Informations. Airbus / Cassidian Products are high Tech quality Products.

- Delivery: Items cannot be sent from Airbus directly to you. There is contract Airbus - Airbus Distributor, Airbus Distributor - Reseller, Reseller - Customer. That is why it is not possible to enhance Delivery Time. Process after Payment. Official Order Confirmation from Airbus comes within 2 weeks.

- Please dont send Requests for National or International Tenders. Tenders are lot of unpayed work without Output.

- Please dont ask me for ISO Certificates for my Company. My Webshop does not need this ISO Certificates. I am studied Industrial Engineer and understand and follow Processes and Standards as like ISO 9001 or Quality Standards.

- 12 Month Warranty on the Product. See Product Conditions.

- Tetra Technology is complex Technology. Non familiar TETRA Customers may think Tetra Products are like Supermarket Products. I know about the Complexity and for me it is no secret but things are sometimes not as easy as you think.  So better ask before payment.

- - Some Examples: Product Discontinued, Follow Up Product has other Modell Name -> as like MPR-1 .. replaced by MPR-4 but Adapter CA-157 Adapter, too ... etc..

- Delivery with DHL Express or FEDEX: Inside Europe: 50 EUR ,  Outside Europe: 95 EUR ( < 5kg)