Standalone Base Stations

Cassidian ( SecureLandCommunications):, TB3P - 24 TEUR



The TB3p offers the same powerful features as its bigger brothers TB3, TB3S, and TB3c — from load-directed roaming to air-interface encryption, from Type 1 Handover to base station fallback.

Choose any number of any TB3-series base stations for your network. They all deliver the same features. TB3p mini TETRA base station


Frequency variants
  • 350-370 MHz   10 Mhz duplex spacing
  • 380 - 400 MHz  10 MHz duplex spacing
  • 410 - 430 MHz  10 MHz duplex spacing
  • 800 MHz  45 MHz duplex spacing


Damm: BS422, Tetra Base Station Standalone Outdoor -26 TEUR



NeTIS-BOX – portable BS - 24 TEUR

NeTIS-BOX basestation is the latest TETRA technology in a fully portable, rugged enclosure. It may be used either in a stand-alone mode or connected to any network architecture.

The new basestation NeTIS-BOX improves sensibility and provides wide area coverage.

The product assures efficient outdoor and indoor coverage by integrating up to 6 receivers on a single basestation.
– Compact
– Reduced power comsuption
– Robust
– stand-alone mode (switch included)
– Wall-monting kit
– IP or E1 connection (network mode)

As Standalone Base Station for Small Networks for limited

: 2 BS Interconnect. or connect to core device.  For more Interconnects 3 or More Base Stations + Core Switch needed

Pre Configuration for immediate Run




TGR990 / CM 5000 DMO Repeater, DMO TMO Gateway  - 4 TEUR

Use the TGR990 as DMO Repeater