This Webshop offers Tetra Radio Terminals and Accessory of Vendor Cassidian an Airbus Company.
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Delivery / Production Time at Cassidian is 4-8 weeks ( since Years)

Some Accessory as like Carkits, Data and Config Cable, Audio Equipment, Radio Terminals is available  on my own Stock.


Owner: Dipl. Wirtschaftsingenieur ( FH) Andreas Prauschke
Mobile +49 (0)151 64550550
Skype: tetraterminal
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AT Command Software Development:

Application Support Hotline for Industry & Authorities 24/7

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  • Call me 0151 64 550 550 *** 06032 9283494 *** => 1.) Appointement 2.) Pickup or Parcel Sending
  • Mo-Do: 12:00-16:00

In General:

Many Ways to contact me -> Whatsapp, Telegram, Skype. Dont fear / hesitate to ask:

  • TUI TEA1 Interested People: You are allowed to buy Radio Terminals and Accessories. You are allowed to use TETRA Technology in DMO at End of TEA1 Frequency Band on free HAM Frequency. People interested in this High Tech Technology are welcome. Its not forbidden to ask everything. Keep in mind TEA2 380-400 (EU) is only for TEA2 ( Authorities)  and TEA1 is for all others (410-430.000 MHz)
  • TEA2 Intersted People: You are allowed to buy TETRA Accessories. You are allowed to buy TEA2TETRA  Radio Terminals if you belong to TEA2 Network as a Radio Terminal User ( with own ISSI). You are allowed to use my Data Applications. You are not allowed to forward these PEI DATA over unsecure Communications/ Connections . Example: Connect with Application from Home Office to Office inside your TETRA Network  -> Use a VPN Connection or Leased Line or use isolated and detach the Network before using Data Applications.